Waste Water Management

Hydroflo Technologies proudly offers Cerlic Instrumentation for Wastewater Treatment Applications

Cerlic has a wide range of sensors for Continuous Measurement in Wastewater Treatment and Industrial Processes which include:

  • Submersible Suspended Solids Sensors for influent, primary effluent, aeration basins (MLSS), return activated sludge (RAS), filtrate, etc.
  • Submersible Dissolved Oxygen Sensor for aeration basins, final effluent w/ temperature output, SBR, etc
  • Low Suspended Solids Sensor for reuse water, final effluent, recycled water, DAF supernatant, etc.
  • In-Line Suspended Solids Sensor for return and waste activated sludge (RAS/WAS), MLSS, sand filter Backwash monitoring, etc.
  • Immersion Sensor For Open Channel for measuring flow as a function of liquid height in open channels, aeration basins, clarifiers, weirs, etc.
  • And many more.