Vibration and AE

Established in 1993, Holroyd are part of the Kittiwake group of companies. Holroyd specialise in Acoustic Emissions monitoring, a vibration related technique for the early detection of fault conditions in operating machinery and structures. With Headquarters in the UK, Holroyd sell through Kittiwake owned offices and a network of distributors, providing commercial and technical back-up to the product range.  

- 2,500 AE Systems supplied over 20+ years monitoring bearings, gears, slide ways, rollers and structures

- More than 30,000 Holroyd AE sensors used for industrial machinery protection

- Early detection of damage from cracks, corrosion, friction, fatigue, shock etc.

Holroyd AE technology is based around their "MHC - Machinery Health Check" systemA system proven in many thousands of industrial applications over very many years. The products range can be sensibly grouped in to the categories below covering fixed and portable sensors, fixed and portable instruments and data loggers, spares, accessories and consumables. 


Portable MHC Instruments

MHC Sensors

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MHC Memo Pro

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Quick Reference - Memo Pro


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