Oil Analysis

Condition Monitoring (CM) was coined ca.1980, replacing and augmenting NDT (Non-Destructive Testing).  A good CM program, like oil testing and lube analysis can offer potential savings ranging from 10 - 50 times the cost. Lubricating equipment is essential to maintenance and proper function.  Used oil analysis allows you to ensure proper lubrication.

CM employs a variety of techniques for machine monitoring to ensure they are lubricating equipment properly, like used oil analysis, without interruption of the machine’s work or production. CM methods, like lube testing, are closely alied with other terms such as Predictive Maintenance or Proactive Maintenance, Reliability Centered Maintenance.

  • Lubricant Oil Analysis – Inspection of an in-service oil analysis to ascertain machine and lubricant health via lubricant contamination and degradation lubrication testing (see Kittiwake.com for a range of On-Line, On-Site ad Off-Site solutions)



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