Hydroflo Technologies recently delivered a Procal CEM system to Orica Canada, a manufacturer of Ammonia Nitrate. The system allows Orica to measure and report CO2, NO, NOx CH4 on the acid stack discharge to meet ministry requirements. The RATTA test was performed, and the new Procal system passed. It is currently operating to allow the plant to meet the plants C of A Compliance.


Hydroflo installed a Procal P-200 CEM system to Saskferco (Now Yara Belle Plaine) to meet the environmental emission requirements. The system allows for the measurement and reporting of C02, NO, N02, NOX, CH4 and NH3 gases at this facility, which permitted the company to meet its environmental emission requirements. Saskferco’s vision is to become the best nitrogen fertilizer company in North America.


One of the largest publicly traded pulp and paper manufacturer in the world has implemented Procal’s continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) on its Northern Ontario paper and pulp mill. 
The company chose a Procal CEM system in conjunction with a Procal ACU control unit to monitor all gas emissions (CO, CO2, SO2, NOx, H2O), with the added local capability to measure and report particulates, flow, temperature and oxygen all directly to the supervisory computer and onto the EPA.


Our company brings extensive product knowledge and application to these industries, and can provide both technical services and on-site field calibration to our service areas in Central and Eastern Canada, parts of the Midwestern U.S. and Bermuda.