Since 1994, Hydroflo Technologies Inc. has sold and serviced emission monitoring systems for many different industries. We can design complete compliance systems, supply specialized instruments for specific measurements or supply complete systems (which include all monitors, test gas and data acquisitions systems). In addition, we can provide on going support for parts and service on all our equipment. We utilize a variety of manufacturers to provide complete solution for your environmental needs.


Protea Ltd delivers customer focused solutions for process, emission and environmental monitoring applications. From an in-depth knowledge of measurement technologies, through system integration and software optimisation, to complete turn-key systems; Protea provides the solution to process improvement and emissions control.


YOKOGAWA is the manufacture of zirconium 02 (Oxygen) and pressure and DP transmitters that are required to complete comprehensive CEMs systems.


VERES manufactures Differential Pressure bars that are well suited for Stack that require velocity. Utilizing the velocity measurements we can calculate the mass outputs as well as concentrations of your CEMs emissions.


DURAG, the leading manufacturer of Opacity Analyzers allows Hydroflo Controls Ltd. to include Opacity to our overall system supply.

Hydroflo Technologies offers environmental equipment and systems across Canada and the Caribbean regions. To date we have supplied a variety of CEMs systems for the following industries:

  • Pulp and Paper  Recovery Boilers, Refuge or Hog boilers & Sulphite mills
  • Power- Biomass, Coal, & Diesel engines
  • Petrochemical  Ammonia Nitrate plants, Resin & petroleum facilities
  • Marine - Vessels & Diesel engine for power

All our products have EPA certification. In addition these products meet all Canadian requirements and we have been successful at receive compliance from both Provincial a Federal Environment agencies.